We are champions!XFX glass(Green city) win the 2017 fuqing city basketball game, enjoy the championship night!

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    Hosted by fuqing city sports bureau of culture, fuqing city, NHK and fuqing city sports federation, fuqing city style center management office, fuqing city basketball association together of fuqing city basketball league in 2017 "the night of the championship at 19:00 on December 9th was kicked off in fuqing city two hall 1.XFX glass(green city )finally won the championship.Chen qiping, the general manager of XFX company, and Chen xiaohua, special assistant of the chairman, watched the splendid competition together with colleagues from XFX glass.

Championship night

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   At the beginning of the match, the two teams showed a close match, and the first victory of ruixin, the XFX(green city) followed it, and once surpassed the score.But as the two teams battled fiercely, at the end of the first quarter, xinfuxing was behind at 19:20.


 At the beginning of the second quarter, the green city of XFX had a strong momentum to turn the score back to the top, and ruixin did not show weakness, and the score was tied up at one point.

      At the end of the second quarter, the scores were set at 33:33.

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In the third quarter, as a key point of the construction, the XFX green city is in a strong position, and it is closely guarded, broken, fast-break, and three points.

At the end of the game, the score was 61-49, laying a solid foundation for the XFX green city.


With the first three strong and powerful accumulation, the XFX fourth section plays particularly safe.

On the contrary, rixin launched a fierce attack and scored fast, from 49 to 56.

      But with the end of the horn blowing, Xinfuxing( green city )and ruixin put the score in 63:56, XFX glasa( green city )with a 7 point absolute advantage to win the championship.


    at this point, the cheers and screams, horns sound into a, XFX people in their own way to congratulate the XFX greentown's victory, and deeply to the exquisite technology, friendly rivalry between the two teams, a spirit of solidarity and moved.

They have won our respect and affection with excellent competition strength and good game style.

You are good!


Thanks to the two teams for bringing us this visual feast, thanks to all the performers on the scene for our beautiful appreciation.

Also hope that the two teams continue to grasp the principle of "friendship first, competition second", helping each other in the daily practice, jointly promote the development of fuqing city basketball league, stimulate the love of fuqing sports launch of a new generation and carries forward the sports work, unity, mutual aid spirit, promote the early realization of great Chinese dream.

Here, we once again congratulate XFX green city to win the 2017 fuqing city basketball league championship!

They also hope that they will refrain from arrogance, unity, courage and success.

Let us join hands together, "Weaving dreams in XFX, Co-building a 5A garden.”

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