• Up to now...
  • 2017year,
    On 9th November, 2017, the glass industrial zone of Xinfuxing New Energy laid its foundation.
  • 2017year,
    In 2017, Shanghai Fuye New Energy Tech Co.,Ltd established.
  • 2016year,
    In 2016, the solar glass production line and processing line put into production. And the Xinfuxing rooftop solar power station was officially grid-connected. It indicated the success in industrial restructuring and upgrading.
  • 2015year,
    In 2015, thanks for the advanced facility and the great management mode,the LOW-E coating process line upgraded again and surged to record in economic indicators. In the same year, Fujian Xinfuxing New Energy Tech company is established to march into the solar module market.
  • 2013year,
    In 2013, during the depression of solar market, Xinfuxing was tackling the key problem in LOW-E coating and upgrading the equipment. Meanwhile, company had implemented and maintained the safety management system under the standard of OHSAS18001 and ISO9001.
  • 2011year,
    In 2011, with the increasing market demand for solar glass, company decided to build a solar glass melting furnace with daily capacity of 550t and brought the Asia first fully-automatic line in building glass production. In the same year, Fuqing Xinfuxing glass changed its company name to Fujian Xinfuxing glass.
  • 2010year,
    In 2010, LOW-E coating process line started production. The high-end building glass has won a great acclaim from customer.
  • 2009year,
    In 2009, Xinfuxing(Fuzhou) factory was put into production officially. In the same year, the production base of Xinfuxing(Fuqing) was increased by 77303㎡ used for the building of LOW-E coating process lines. And the project finished in 2010.
  • 2005year,
    In 2005, staff dormitory building is finished then in 2006 office building is completed. And in 2007, the building come into service.
  • 2004year,
    In 2004, lead by chairman Chen quanfu, The Xinfuxing Home started publication, which is designed to propagate the company’s culture and staff’s spirit. Besides, the staff dormitory is under building.
  • 2003year,
    In 2003, the production base increased from 10009㎡ to 51948㎡ to lay a foundation for Xinfuxing’s better development.
  • 2001year,
    In 2001, Xinfuxing glass brought in the insulating facility of Korea tai chi and start the production. At the end of 2001, company pass through the ISO management system audit and established a standard operation mode.
  • In 1999, company established.