2017 fuqing chamber of commerce exchange meeting: XFX glass donation 30 million to help the construction of great Fuqing!

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    On the occasion of National Day, Mid-Autumn festival, the festival approaching, from fuqing municipal party committee municipal government called in from around the world, in fuqing city culture and art center held ceremoniously fuqing chamber of commerce work conference in 2017, melt traders gathered around the city, fuqing development together.

    The theme of this conference is "melting mountain melt water to melt the world, innovation and entrepreneurship great fuqing".

Among them, integration, integration, integration and harmony are the abbreviations of yurong, which is also the connotation of the fuqing spirit.

    Innovation, entrepreneurship, creation, the creation of the world, the demonstration of the great achievements of fuqing's struggle and entrepreneurship.

    Mr. Chen quanfu, chairman of xinfuxing glass co., LTD., Mr. Chen yushun, general manager, attended the meeting as representative of Chen's brother.

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    XFX glass company in jiangyin industrial park investment 1.976 billion yuan to build the first phase of the new energy glass industrial park in key projects, the chairman, to help ms xiao-hua Chen attended the signing ceremony as a representative of the enterprise. 

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    Central park, as the garden of oxygen for the fuqing green lung, its landmark building "fu ge" is the cultural foundation and development spirit of the great fuqing wufu thought.

    XFX company since venture since today, Chen four brothers has been developing in fuqing city, striving for oneself, in the process of entrepreneurship to the tianfu thoughts, unity and enterprising, self-motivated, in an atmosphere of brother friend brother listen to create XFX brand and market.

    The design of "fuge", the landmark of central park, coincides with the entrepreneurship and family inheritance of the four brothers.

    Chen's four brothers donated 30 million yuan to promote the fuge construction project and take responsibility for the construction of XFX fuqing.

    Mr. Chen quanfu accepted the honorary certificate of the outstanding person of public service in fuqing city, which was issued by Chen's elder brother.


    In the municipal party committee municipal government under the unified planning and organization of the future fuqing should not only develop economic strength, promote education civilization, more for the people of fuqing city to build a livable landscape city, ecological elysian fields.

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   New xian, shaanxi fusing company general manager Mr Yu-shun Chen, chairman of the chamber of commerce, on integrating regression and innovative entrepreneurial published regrets, he thinks that "never underestimate the pure heart to heart each big suspected power of fuqing development together, the power savings, the more developing the more powerful", and put forward the development of new energy industry, speed up the construction of the rural tourism industry, with unique ecological environment development characteristic town.

    XFX glass as a good local enterprise in fuqing, has been rooted in fuzhou for more than 30 years with the strong support of the municipal party committee.

    XFX family four brothers in the unity of hard work, the development of XFX growing, but the glass as the root of faith never change, in recent years, with sharp business acumen and nuanced insight, started to guide further extends to the glass industry industry, and the diversified development of glass strides.

    The construction of xinfuxing jiangyin industrial park will mean that xinfuxing company will improve the glass industry chain of glass production, processing, photovoltaic modules and the whole power station of solar energy terminal.

    The history of XFX people is the epitome of the pioneering work of the fuqing people, and the XFX spirit is the inheritance of fuqing's struggle spirit.


    The meeting, and the exchange meeting is respond to the demands of the national fuqing chamber of commerce, set up a communication platform for fuqing entrepreneurs, let suppliers to cooperate, contributing to fuqing development should be a strength.

    The fuqing people are hard-working, hardworking, grateful, upward, tenacious and humble, proud and proud of us as fuqing people.

    World fuqing elder brother, the harmony is full of the world, return to yurong city, the enterprise great fuqing.

The government and enterprise connect to create a better future, China fuqing, the place where the dream begins, the place where the Chinese fuqing and the five blessings gather.

Last XFX New Energy industrial park (jiangyin) project was inaugurated today. NextXFX glass is about to participate in Building glass Expo in America 2017, and we sincerely invite our customers to join us in Atlanta!