XFX New Energy industrial park (jiangyin) project was inaugurated today.

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The wind breaks the waves.

Set sail and sail.  

    Congratulations to the XFX new energy glass industrial park project commencement ceremony and foundation ceremony to achieve a complete success!

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     On November 9, brisk and ushered in the XFX glass is very important in the development history of the day - new energy glass industrial park project start ceremony and held a grand ceremony in fuqing city jiangyin harbour city economic zone.

     Fuzhou Wang Jinzu secretary of municipal party committee of municipal committee, fuqing municipal committee, vice mayor of fuqing city government, party member of fuqing city government, fuzhou jiangyin harbour city director of the economic zone management committee, vice mayor of fuqing city government wen-qing li, XFX group chairman Chen Quanfu and shareholders with civil-operated department is responsible for the comrades of the units concerned for one line attended the opening ceremony.



    Xinfuxing new energy glass industrial park project is another major step for xinfuxing group to build a new industrial chain based on the successful experience of the glass industry.

The total investment of the project is about 4 billion yuan, and 6 new energy automobile glass production and processing lines will be built.

    The first phase of the project will cost 19.76 billion yuan, and three new energy glass and processing lines will be built, which will be used in automotive glass and solar cells.

    After the completion of the project, a new energy glass with annual output of 1 million tons will be realized, with annual sales of 5 billion yuan and annual profit tax of 800 million yuan, providing more than 3,000 jobs for the society.


      Mr. Chen quanfu, chairman of the group, said at the ceremony that the XFX has been working in the glass industry since 1980.

After more than 30 years of hard work and struggle, the vertical integration of industrial chain is finally ushered in.

This is inseparable from the belief that the XFX people have the courage to fight, to be loyal to their dreams and to stick to the glass.

The project will be completed and completed, and it will also promote the construction and development of jiangyin port city economic zone and great fuqing.

      Subsequently, Gao shuangcheng delivered a speech.

He said that the XFX new energy glass project is a major result of the "investment promotion 2017" and "tackling the 2017" operation in fuqing city.

The project introduction, not only to promote the transformation and upgrading of fuqing city glass industry has played an important role, and to promote the jiangyin harbour city economic zone development, power "big fuqing" construction, also has the very vital significance.

It is hoped that the XFX and construction unit will cooperate closely, high standard, strict requirement, early completion, early sunrise effect.


       Mr. Liu muyang, general manager of jiangyin float project, took the oath at the ceremony. He will strictly implement the big principle of safety first and quality, and achieve the strategic goal in quality and quantity.


      Finally, to visit the scene of the Wang Jinzu secretary, vice mayor of new Yi, high double Chen Quanfu as director, vice mayor of wen-qing li, group chairman of the board of directors, directors, Chen Yuping Chen Longxing President, yu-shun Chen director, vice President of Chen Youmei, xiao-hua Chen dong help row participated in the foundation stone, herald a XFX new energy glass industrial park project start ceremony a great success.

      At this point, the XFX people will be dedicated to the advancement of glass industry leading position, go all out, enterprising, to "Weaving dreams in XFX, Co-building a 5A garden", promote the construction of large fuqing, greater contribution to the power of China's modernization goals.

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